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The Graphics-Driven Video

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by Tom McDonald

When it comes to video production, many people assume that video footage is the essential ingredient. However, at Fireside Production, we have discovered a successful alternative – the Graphics-Driven Video. This approach emphasizes animation and graphic design and has been an effective marketing tool for our clients. By incorporating visually compelling graphics, we can create videos that engage and captivate viewers. If you’re looking to enhance your video marketing strategy, consider visit website to learn more about this innovative approach.

The Graphics-Driven video is primarily lightly animated text known as kinetic typography – or key words coming up on-screen in a very compelling way – with music and supporting video.  The right combination of graphics, video and music can make for video magic… and it’s affordable to produce.

Here’s a great example of a Graphics-Driven Video Fireside Production recently produced for a Client working to keep the community up-to-date on the progress of a new transit project:

Now, nothing beats real human emotion but using animated text is also a really effective way to convey your message – especially if you keep it short.  A good goal for a graphics-driven video is about one-minute in length… ideally, not more than two-minutes, and if you are in need of multiple videos all the time for your business, you can check out Unlimited Graphic Design Services which will provide you with the videos you need.  A graphics-driven video is an effective option if you have little existing footage, if your footage isn’t super action-packed, or if you’d like to produce a video without interviews, voiceover narration or a host.  This approach also lessens the cost of field production – or shoot time; however, animating text is a little more intensive than editing video, so there are additional costs there.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to deliver your video messaging, give the Graphics-Driven Video a look… Fireside Production would be happy to show you how!


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