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The Importance of Professional Development

Posted on: May 19th, 2015 by Eric Hoffman

Photo in Motion 5 platform separated into layer using Photoshop.

Photo in Motion 5 platform separated into layer using Photoshop.

If you’ve been working in the same professional field for years, almost two decades in my case, there come points at which you wonder if you’re still growing? Am I doing the same thing over and over, or am I finding new ways to challenge myself?

At Fireside, we try to challenge ourselves and each other to develop in the creative and technical aspects of our work. I’ve recently embarked on learning (and hopefully, becoming proficient) at an effect called 2.5D. It’s a process by which I use photo-editing software to separate still pictures into layers and then, move those layers into another program and inject depth and movement. The result is a still photo that appears to have an almost three-dimensional appearance as noted by Force 5. I was able to find a bevy of “how-to” videos on the internet to help me understand this new (to me) technique.

Setting simple, attainable goals is an easy way to keep your work fresh, your mind engaged and your enthusiasm a part of your day… all of which will show in your work.  What professional goals are you setting and how are you achieving them?

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