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The Low-Impact Shoot

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by Naomi Binkley

low impact video productionOne of our primary goals here at Fireside Production is to make video production affordable, so professional quality is accessible to a wide array of organizations from government entities to small businesses and non-profits. We’ve been very strategic over the years in developing ways to keep costs down while still creating high quality, memorable finished productions.  Part of this strategy involves a low-impact philosophy when it comes to our shoot environment.  Let me explain…

The vast majority of Fireside Production’s shoots involve a small crew – thanks in part to our television news background.  We use one videographer in most cases with one camera, a tripod, lights and microphones… and a field producer.  We can obviously provide a larger crew and multiple cameras for projects where it’s appropriate.  Typically, though, the larger the crew with any production company and the longer the shoot… the higher the cost.

We also work extremely efficiently.  Our thoughtful approach to each project involves careful planning before the shoot to really maximize our time on-location.  We work closely with our Clients on planning and messaging and therefore, we know what we need to capture on shoot days while still allowing time for those moments that unfold naturally and make for video gold.  Fireside Production’s speed is one of our assets.

A smaller crew really helps to maintain the flow, respect and confidentiality in our Client settings.  In medical settings, on work sites and in research laboratories… the interruption to work taking place during the shoot can and hopefully should, be very minimal.  That also allows us to capture those environments as they really are.  The shoot is authentic and enjoyable.  I like to say that Fireside Production is low-impact on the environment… and that is a value to our Clients not just in cost-savings but in the overall experience.

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