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The Shot List: Video Experience #3

Posted on: May 17th, 2011 by Tom McDonald

My third top experience in video wasn’t really an experience, but rather a series of experiences that continue to this day. One of my great passions in life has always been the environment. It’s hard to grow up in Colorado and not have an appreciation for our beautiful Rocky Mountains. If you live here in Denver and you decide to take a mountain drive, just before you get to the foothills you might notice a series of large, different-looking buildings spread out along the foot of Table Mountain just outside of Golden. You might wonder what in the world goes on in there. I did and now, I know that there are people in there trying to save our planet.

Our first project for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was back in 2006. We were hired to do a video virtual tour on the Biomass Program and for a start-up video production company, this was a huge deal. Really Huge! I remember videotaping the interviews for that first video and thinking I had no idea what they were saying, but I knew it was important.

Since that first shoot in 2006, we have produced videos for NREL on solar, wind, buildings, transportation, and hydrogen research to name a few. We captured the construction of one of the world’s most energy efficient buildings, the Research Support Facility. Over the years, I have not only seen marvelous changes within the Laboratory but much of what they do has become very visible in our everyday lives. From wind farms and solar-powered buildings to electric and fuel cell vehicles. Oh yeah, I understand most of what is being said in the interviews now too… well, at least some of it.

So next time you drive by NREL, you’ll probably notice lots of construction going on up there and some new unique-looking buildings. Feel free to smile or give a quick salute. After all, they are saving the world up there.

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