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The Value of Video Tutorials

Posted on: July 15th, 2014 by Tom McDonald

In the early years of my video production journey, there were countless times that I’d hit a project-halting snag simply because I did not know how to accomplish a task.  Often, these roadblocks occurred during the late hours of the night and the only solution was to shut things down and wait until morning.  With technology changing at such an exciting pace, it can be hard to keep up with the vast amount of knowledge and creativity out there.  However, learning new things and solving problems has become more than possible – at all hours.

There are three things to be extremely grateful for… the Internet, video and people’s generosity.  Whether you are trying to navigate a new edit platform or figure out how to use a Steadicam, there is a tutorial at your disposal because someone took the time to share knowledge through video.  This applies to just about anything you need to know.  I took apart a dryer, replaced a part and rebuilt it because someone was kind enough to put a tutorial on YouTube.  This was a major feat for me, just ask my wife!  I cannot count the times I’ve solved an edit problem or a computer issue by watching a free video tutorial.  It is truly information at your fingertips.

So when you hit that information roadblock, just search it on the web.  You will find the value of video and generosity at its finest.  Of course, you can pay it forward by sharing your knowledge in a video tutorial.  Here is one of my favorites on sequencing video… you can learn more tricks of the trade through my series, Tom’s Video Tips.  Enjoy!

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