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Tom’s Top Video Experiences

Posted on: April 19th, 2011 by Tom McDonald

Top 5 Video Experiences, #4.

I think it is important for any restaurant diner to – at some point in their early lives – spend a month or two working in a restaurant.  Not because it’s fun and a good way to make money, but because it teaches you how to be a good diner.  Similarly, I think it is a very good thing for every American to spend some time with a World War II Veteran.  No, it won’t make you a better diner, but it will help you understand how fortunate you are to live in this country.

Last year, I had the absolute privilege to take a bus ride with about 30 American heroes from a small town in Ohio to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.  It was truly a life-changing experience.

The trip was made possible by Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime, which is dedicated to granting the wishes of our senior citizens.  Jeremy’s foundation chartered a bus and planned the trip.  For many of the veterans, this was their first trip to see the monument.  Now, I’m sure most of you have seen movies or learned about World War II in school or books but hearing the individual stories firsthand is simply jaw dropping.

Whereas World War II is often portrayed romantically, some of the experiences were far from it.  As someone who has never been called to duty or ever had to face death continually on a daily basis, it causes great reflection and appreciation for those countless sacrifices.

The World War II memorial is a remarkable place that I recommend all Americans visit.  Witnessing the veterans on this Wish of a Lifetime trip was extremely touching and for good reasons, quite emotional.  I am glad I was able to share this journey through video and more importantly, meet these American heroes.  It has made me a better American.  I hope you’ll watch this piece and share it with someone you know.

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