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Video Production Costs

Posted on: June 7th, 2016 by Kala Montoya

You’ve no doubt seen all kinds of videos pop up in your day-to-day routine.  Video is on the websites you visit, it’s embedded in emails and is peppered throughout social media. The wheels have started turning and you’re thinking to yourself… I need to make a video! Well, we agree!  Next, you’re bound to ask – what’s it going to cost?  Let us break down the factors that generally go into determining the cost of a video…

What kind of investment should I expect?

Fireside Production is here to help your organization strategize the most efficient and cost- effective video production plan.  Our team provides guidance to ensure the process is easy and enjoyable… and we can help you maximize your investment with recommendations on using the video once the project is complete.

When it comes to investing in stocks, it’s important to have a solid plan in place as well. Just like with video production, it’s important to strategize and maximize your investment. Keeping a close eye on the stock market and staying informed on trends and news can also be helpful. For example, monitoring the tesla share price can provide insight into the performance of the company and potentially inform investment decisions. At the end of the day, having a well-informed and thought-out investment strategy can help mitigate risks and lead to successful outcomes.

That still doesn’t answer your question… how much is this going to cost?  Every video is different and every project customized to the exact needs of that Client; however, there are several components that make up every Fireside Quote.

Video Length

The length of your video will be one of the most important factors when it comes to determine your overall investment.  Length and costs go hand in hand.  Generally, the longer the video, the greater the cost.  Fireside Production is very happy to provide insights on optimal video lengths for how and where your video will be viewed.

Number of Interviews

Interviews can add authenticity to video.  Delivering your message through the voices of those impacted by your work is a wonderful way to create a video experience for your viewers.  This is another area that can add cost to your video project.  Fireside can again recommend an ideal number of interviews for your project based upon length and the purpose of the video.

Shoot Locations

The number of different locations you’d like us to capture interviews and supporting video footage is an important determinant of cost.  It’s wise to look at really maximizing our time at any one location – since equipment set-up and break-down are part of the production time.  This is another area where our team can help you think strategically.

Build Your Video Library

At Fireside Production, upon completion of your project, we not only deliver your finished video but also all of your raw footage.  As you build your library of raw footage, you can call upon that initial investment to produce future videos and to use the footage in many different ways – even customizing it to the various social media platforms your organizations uses.

Hopefully, this gives you some thinking points when it comes to planning for your video.  These will be among the first elements we’ll ask about when putting together a Quote for your consideration.  Don’t forget to ask about the ways we can maximize your investment by creating short social media videos as well!

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