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Next-Generation Video Production Technologies

Posted on: July 22nd, 2019 by Naomi Binkley

People often ask us as entrepreneurs, what is your greatest challenge?

There are many of course, but one of the most-pressing is keeping up with ever-evolving technology as a tech-driven, small business.  It’s like movie theater popcorn… one salty, buttery piece just won’t do.  There’s an endless appetite for the next new thing.  As you can well imagine, we geek out on the latest and greatest technology but more importantly, we want your videos to be the best they can be.  We create modern storytelling experiences and that’s why we’ve made a significant investment in our video production equipment. 

The vibrant colors of 4K video footage.

We’re enhancing the look of your videos with a new suite of Panasonic GH5s cameras – built into cinematic rigs.  They look different, complex and technical – and they are all of those things. These beauties capture electrifying 4K video, which means the resolution is four times better than traditional high-definition video.  The color range is rich and dynamic, so your footage looks that much more vibrant.

The Ronin-S, our newest tool for action shots.

We’re complementing the new cameras with an array of precision cinema-lenses, high-quality microphones and modern lighting.  Fireside already offers the option to elevate your project with drone video services and now, we’re using the Ronin-S gimbal system for fluid action shots from the ground. 

These investments are only as valuable as our talent – our skilled and spirited video storytellers – who put their hearts into every video we produce.  

The right video talent and technology.

Our experience paired with our exclusive Focus On You™ approach to production – along with these new video tools allow us to celebrate your next story in beautiful and innovative ways!  Let’s get started…

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency