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Fireside Client Spotlight – Catholic Charities of Denver

Posted on: May 11th, 2020 by Naomi Binkley

The work of our nonprofits, government agencies, healthcare providers and suppliers is arguably more important than ever before. 

They have powerful stories they need to share to generate the support and funding to carry out their missions.  The challenge is capturing those video stories during this time of social distancing – with serious restrictions in place to control the spread of coronavirus.

In our Fireside Client Spotlight, Cheryl Talley with Catholic Charities of Denver shares how crucial video has become as this large nonprofit has rapidly moved from in-person breakfasts and galas to online fundraising events.

Fireside has served the video needs of Catholic Charities of Denver for many years and that allowed us to collaborate – to get creative with the types of videos we produce and the ways those videos are used.  And because of our long-standing partnership, we’re delivering an array of video styles – quickly – and affordably. 

At Fireside, we couple the latest technologies with the expertise of our seasoned production team to create video experiences that bring stories to life through sight and sound.  Cheryl says that’s really why it works.

“We’re talking about people and I think that when you have a video, you can really express the person’s feelings and the impact… and you see it. It’s visceral, so all of your senses are engaged in the video. You give an opportunity for a person to connect with the person that we’re serving.”

Cheryl Talley, Catholic Charities of Denver

For more ideas on what Fireside can do for you right now, check out our blog on Video Communications During the Coronavirus Crisis.  You can also get a feel for what to expect on your Fireside video shoots as we transition from Safe-at-Home orders to Safer at Home – to protect your team and ours.

As always, Fireside is ready to #FocusOnYou to deliver new and meaningful video content to showcase your work and mission and build your brand.  Let’s connect – today!

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